What is Panax Ginseng Root Extract?

Panax ginseng is a popular plant native to Korea and China and its root, also known as ginseng root, is known to exhibit powerful medicinal properties. It can be taken orally to enhance energy levels and get relief from muscular pain. The root is also good for improving memory and preventing Alzheimer’s disease especially if there is a family history of this disorder. The plant contains many active ingredients that have strong effects. Two of the most prominent substances are ginsenosides and panaxosides. These ingredients work on many systems of the body improving the general health and well-being of a person.

The root is quite fleshy and looks very much like ginger in appearance. It can also be used in dried and powdered form by adding to various dishes for aroma and a spicy tinge. The root has been found to be good for lowering blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels in the body. Some people also use it for weight loss but there is no substantial evidence on its effectiveness in this context. The person might be required to make many other lifestyle changes in order to make it work, which is considered a difficult task by many people.

Ginseng root is also known to exhibit some anti-inflammatory properties. More clinical trials are needed to confirm its benefits for inflammatory conditions like arthritis. The root’s diverse actions inside the body are attributed to the active ingredients it contains, which show immune suppressive effects. The herb has been found to be useful for the prevention of certain cancers including breast cancer. It can prevent as well as improve the chances of survival and quality of life of women suffering from breast cancer.

Many people use it for the treatment of flu and other respiratory disorders. These are usually caused by a virus and therefore the root has strong anti-viral effects. It can prove to be an effective alternative to allopathic medication especially antibiotics in order to avoid their serious and long-term side effects.

People all over the world use Panax ginseng for the treatment of many psychological conditions including depression, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, and stress. It has been found to be effective for a condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome, in which a person finds it extremely difficult to carry out daily activities because of constant fatigue without any other illness. For disorders, as complicated as cystic fibrosis and other infections, ginseng root has been found to be beneficial in improving the condition and associated symptoms.

There is also a plant known as Siberian ginseng but it does not belong to the genus Panax and is therefore not considered a true ginseng. You should always look for Panax ginseng root whenever you want to benefit from its health advantages. There are not many research studies available on its effectiveness and how much dose is safe but since it’s a herb, there are no serious side effects. However, excessive consumption should be avoided as excess of anything is bad for health.