The Benefits Behind the Magical Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee benefits in weight loss among other health benefits have been getting a lot of attention especially after they were highlighted on the Dr Oz program. The world is grappling with a lot of health issues arising from diet and unhealthy lifestyle, and any product that seems to have health-boosting properties and weight loss capabilities is popularised.

In line with the health and weight loss craze, a lot of products are on offer. However, stands out because it is one of the products that can improve your health and also help you lose weight the right way. Also coffee is a popular beverage hence it won’t take much for many people to incorporate green coffee in their diet.

Unlike your regular coffee, green coffee stands out because it is made from raw coffee beans, which means that the coffee beans used to make this coffee are not roasted hence the emphasis on the word “green”. Unlike your regular roasted coffee, green coffee offers more benefits and is a much healthier option.

Right from the start the fact that the coffee is green or not roasted means that it retains most of its nutritional value that would otherwise reduce significantly during roasting. Hence, green coffee contains a healthy fill of antioxidants and other healthy properties that aid in weight loss, boost health in addition to supporting the body in fighting off fatigue.


One of the benefits of green coffee that stand out is polyphenols. You cannot find these polyphenols in roasted coffee as they are destroyed during the roasting process. In particular, a powerful polyphenol found in the coffee is chlorogenic acid. Based on research, chlorogenic acid has been seen to reduce hypertensive effect thereby it is ideal for promoting normal blood pressure.. These chlorogenic acids are also great for weight loss as they minimise the absorption of cholesterol in the body and increase metabolism. These antioxidants in green coffee boost metabolism by increasing the metabolic output of the liver and also hindering storage of fat in the liver. Hence, you can be sure it will help you reduce your body fat.

Health benefits

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee also helps the body balance blood sugar. It is a well-known fact that unbalanced blood sugar levels are one of the causes of unwanted weight gain in overweight people. Chlorogenic acids regulate the release of glucose in the body so that overall blood sugar levels are kept in check thereby reducing unnecessary weight gain.

While proper diet and frequent exercise remain the top habits to adapt to lose weight, it helps to have natural and healthy products you can use to support your efforts. Green coffee is one of the great products in the market that will not only improve your health and keep you alert but also help you to shed the unwanted weight. Hence, it is one of the most popular weight loss aids currently on the market.  However, ensure that you select pure 100 percent organic green coffee because it is the best quality.  Also keep in mind that you must maintain a healthy lifestyle even as you include green coffee in your daily intake for maximum benefits.