Green Tea and Detox

Green tea is tasty, but this is not the only reason why most people have been enjoying this green tea for centuries. In fact, green tea is the second most consumed drink across the globe after water. This drink is known to provide a wide range of benefits for the body. Today, green tea and detox go hand in hand, as more people turn to these products for the much-needed solution. But can green tea help you lose the extra kilos?

Packed with a high number of health benefits, green tea features an incredible amount of antioxidants believed to help improve several conditions including the immune system, brain functions, high blood pressure, hair growth, and diabetes.

According to a recent study, green tea has been clinically proven to help lose the extra inches on the waistline and burn more calories faster, which ultimately results in detox. Following this study, most doctors are now recommending the use of green tea for anyone interested in losing unwanted pounds.

The active component in this drink acts rapidly on fats stored around the abdominal region and can, therefore, be an exceptional addition to your healthy diet plan for anyone interested in a detox in a healthy way and with consistency.

Given its unique properties coupled with its wonderful antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins, the health benefits that green tea has to offer are quite extensive. This is the key reason why it is essential for to your health and an integral part of your detox diet.

It is important to keep in mind that there are different types of green tea. Although they can all help burn fat to a distinct extent, each and every type in the market comes has its unique effect on the body. You should, therefore, endeavour to know more about the various types of green teas and when to consume then for full benefits.

Green Tea and Detox – What is the big Secret?

Green tea features several properties that help to boost its fat burning ability. This is the connection between green tea and its fat burning ability. To begin with, it is a known fact that drinking caffeine helps to speed up metabolism, which means that you burn more fats, and at a faster rate.

Compared to other caffeinated drinks, green tea has been found to be more effective in fat burning, despite having only a third of the caffeine content of coffee. Caffeine, although a major contributor in its detox capability, there is more behind the effectiveness of this green beverage. Given its extremely powerful concoction of antioxidants coupled with caffeine creates a drastically powerful and healthy stimulation of metabolism. Catechins, an antioxidant in green tea, is known to help break down fat cell while inhibiting triglyceride absorption in the small intestines.

One of the catechins is known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which has numerous life-enhancing effects in addition to a special reaction to caffeine. This results in the body using it over a long time reducing pressure on the adrenal glands unlike any other caffeinated beverages including coffee and black tea.

This explains why after drinking green tea you are unlikely to notice that anxiety like reaction common with drinking coffee. However, you will still enjoy its health benefits including stimulating your mind that gives you a better sense of clarity and focuses coupled with an improved cognitive ability. The caffeine reaction last longer from consuming green tea helps to distribute the caffeine to your brain slowly over a longer time-frame.

This is the key reasons why green tea is extremely effective in detox than any other caffeine-rich drink. If you are truly interested in losing the extra kilos, there are several types of green tea in the market specially made for detox purposes. These products feature natural ingredient added to help detox the body, improve digestion, and promote healthy bowel movements.