Important Consumer  Warning

Like many premium products, American Leptin and Smart Sense products are being counterfeited and sold at flea markets and on popular auction and other e-trade websites, Counterfeit American Leptin and Smart Sense products do not meet the high standards of quality and health you can expect from us.

Unfortunately, with many products that have a rapid growth and successful sales, it opens the market to illegal or counterfeit product sales. As with their illegal other habits, the companies that ‘create’ these counterfeit products show little regard for consumer safety, they lure customers with low prices and with these low prices go low quality, lower than you can imagine.

We hear of stories of companies purchasing vegetable powder, mixing it with coffee flavouring, placing into sachets and selling. ‘One step up’ from these companies are the ones that use vegetable or starch powder, coffee flavouring and detox chemicals (amphetamines, etc), this is their input into detox ingredients. They have equipment set up in garages, bedrooms, etc, they mix with their hands – the list goes on.

Is your health important to you? Are your customers important to you? Buy only Original Products, save on your health and your money