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I am asking my family to promote your products to friends...happy to make another order soon again...
Written by: Dorothy  |  09/08/2011 08:44:51

I tried the green coffee 800 at the beginning of 2010 and lost a lot of weight with your product. I was very happy with the results I had obtained and now i would like to know how I can become a distributor for the the greencoffee800 and possible also the greencoffee800+. I would like to get started as fast as possible
Written by: tara l.  |  21/06/2011 05:33:08

We are glad to let you know that we are now distributing the Leptin Green Coffee 800. Although we met many questions regarding the products but all is well. I am currently using it myself. It is one week now and I have lost two kilo
Written by: Jess - Lebanon  |  14/04/2011 14:29:55

dear sir, first let me tell you that i`m one from the people who use the green coffee and lost 20Kg of my weight, sometimes it hard to get the original green coffee specially here in Kuwait so most of the people including me used the fake one maybe
Written by: Shatha - Kuwait  |  14/04/2011 14:28:20

congratulation ur Coffee1000 is a successful product in current market...pls give me flyer of coffee1000 ya ,if possible more freebies oso ^^ Thanks in advance.
Written by: Sandra----Malaysia  |  14/04/2011 06:40:31

We are glad to let you know that we are now distributing the Leptin Green Coffee 800. Although we met many questions regarding the products but all is well. I am currently using it myself. It is one week now and I have lost two kilo
Written by: Jess gal - Lebanon  |  24/03/2011 12:35:18

Ladies and Gentelmans! End of last week I received the order. Thanks again for the service. Have a nice day. Greetings"
Written by: andelko Switzerland  |  23/03/2011 09:07:36

Dear Green Coffee, Thank you the product arrived today! Best regards, Chris
Written by: Chris Hong Kong  |  23/03/2011 09:07:04

Thank you for your help. I got it . After i receive my goods, I will tell you ! Have a good day!
Written by: y.piao USA  |  23/03/2011 09:06:40

Hi. I picked up today. Thank you.
Written by: Natalie - Netherlands  |  23/03/2011 09:05:51

I have been taking GC800 for the past 2month now and have lost 4kg. It's a good effective product and i want to share it with my family, friends and customer. I am interested to know how to become your distributor.
Written by: SITI S. IBRAHIM - Malaysia  |  23/03/2011 09:04:41

Hello good day, I'm Have used your product before and will be interested in becoming a distributor for your company, i will be looking forward for your responds so i can discuss more in details. thank you! Parmanan ST.Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
Written by: Parmanan S.  |  23/03/2011 09:03:52

I'm looking to earn extra cash and am interested in becoming a distributer of the Leptin Green Coffee line of products. I am also a customer with a successful weight loss story. Looking forward to hearing from you. Rosalie
Written by: Rosalie J. Canada  |  23/03/2011 09:03:03

dear leptin i have tried your tea and i liked it i find that it made me loose 17lbs in less then 2 weeks since i have started useing it i have gotten over 15 persons to try it and they are now useing it also but it is hard to find the original 1 here so i would like to become a distributor for your product. yours truly cindy bradford
Written by: cindy - guyana  |  23/03/2011 09:02:23

Hi, i am interested in selling your product, would like to know how i go about it.. My mother and myself have been using the green coffee for 21 days now, and find it really amazing. And it actually works compared to all the fad diet things out there nowadays.. Please pass on more info.. Thanks
Written by: Rachel W. Australia  |  23/03/2011 09:01:54

i tried it they are amazing.any different product for loosing weight
Written by: nkiru a - united kingdom  |  23/03/2011 09:01:19

hi, first of all, i would like to thank your wonderful product, the only product that made me loose weight in just 3months. i used to be 205lbsand now i went down to 165lbs. i feel better than ever before. all my friends are asking me how i did it? i was telling them that i only drink coffee every morning. i would like to take this opportunity to be a distributor here in the bay area and in my country in the philippines. i want to be a good example not only to all my friends but to other people whos struggling to loose weight. i have a lots of friends all over the world so i can share my expirience taking this great product. thank you and more power.
Written by: diego - usa and philippines  |  23/03/2011 09:00:45

My Cousin took you product on the free trial and he lost 20lbs. I would want to try your product so im ordering 4 boxes. Question how much weight will i lose with that amount.
Written by: Kemora United Kingdom  |  23/03/2011 08:59:52

Hi, my wife tried yr product and loved it. If we want to be distributors in Holland/Europe, is this possible?
Written by: Armstrong - Netherlands  |  23/03/2011 08:59:10

Hi, I'm Anieza from Sabah, Malaysia. My friend recommended me Green Coffee 800 in order to lose my weight. It is amazing and I've lost about 10kg's!I'm still using it to reach my ideal weight. I am interested to be your product's distributor in here as I get the coffee from my friend all this while. I found out the price is cheaper if I order directly from you than the outside's price. Can you tell me how to sign up as your distributor? How much discount we get from each product? What is your publish price for Green Coffee 800 per boxes? I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks.
Written by: Anieza  |  23/03/2011 08:58:40

item received, thank you
Written by: chris and regina - Canada  |  23/03/2011 08:57:18

,I've received the goods just now and in perfect condition. This is such a relieve for me. Million for you swift & helpful respond! Cheers.
Written by: great_logan Indonesia  |  23/03/2011 08:56:34

Thank u sooooooo much u r a bloody legend got the coffee today!!! Yay!!! Cheers kristan!!"
Written by: kristan Australia  |  23/03/2011 08:55:35

Hello, This is yinhua. I wanna tell you that I just got my items. My roomate signed for me, and she just forgot tell me. sorry about the bothering you guys.
Written by: yinhua, US  |  23/03/2011 08:54:44

I have been taking GC800 for the past 2month now and have lost 4kg. It's a good effective product and i want to share it with my family, friends and customer. I am interested to know how to become your distributor.
Written by: IBRAHIM, Malaysia  |  22/02/2011 06:02:03

ewJBjn klyigorbtxtm, [urlhttp://qdfvydxztlfe.com/]qdfvydxztlfe[/url], [linkhttp://zbrumrphmfhp.com/]zbrumrphmfhp[/link], http://rkshgndcldji.com/
Written by: drtjfawbrh  |  10/02/2011 11:16:44

After reading this blog, I have known about Green coffee 800. Greencoffee800 Formula is a drug-free dietary supplement that was developed from a blend of herbal extracts. When used with a healthy diet plan,Greencoffee800, curbs your appetite and stimulates your body to burn fat and calories. The herbal extracts and minerals used in this product have been gathered from all over the world to make this all natural diet supplement.Greencoffee contains the anti-oxiant qualities necessary to cause thermogenesis which increase the metabolism of fat.
Written by: Green Coffee Australia  |  19/10/2010 06:50:23

my concern is someone sold me new flavour for leptin which is soya milk n apple cider is that genuine?
Written by: Stephanie Law  |  16/10/2010 14:34:53

Hi, After one week of drinking the 800 what I have found is: I still am hungry but I dont feel like sweet things as much as I usually do and that stops me from binge eating in the afternoon and night therefore I have lost 1 kilo already. I still need to control myself a little though with snacks.
Written by: Fiona B  |  14/10/2010 05:23:06

Biljana,molim te reci me kad i gdje si narucila ovu kafu?kad sam ju dobila zadnji put nije vrijedila nista dzabe sam dala pare,valjda su promjenili nesto,dok sam pre 8 mjeseci izgubila kilograme sa njom... sad nista
Written by: vesna  |  11/10/2010 17:32:01

I had bought a box of green coffee the sachets are green, in the bottom there is band in pink color and leptin logo is in pink color is this original ?
Written by: shira  |  11/10/2010 12:26:40

i really beleive en this product i been drinking it for about 4 monts lost about 25 pounds now i sell it. i was s; 18 now 14its so good. just b carefull with the fakeones. really dangerous. a lot in honduras is fake n bad. email me if u r interested. n want more information. i speak spanish too.
Written by: gloria e mcgraw  |  09/10/2010 20:23:10

I never new green tea was damn too good for the body until I read and used one.
Written by: Aroma Runney  |  27/09/2010 19:40:49

ova kafa je cudesna pocela sam je uzimati pre mesec dana za mesec dana skinula sam 10 kila jos pet i dosta mije. preporucila i vama koristite green cofee 800 moze se naruciti na ebey.de al pazite da ne kupite fals ja licno narucujem od holandije pozz
Written by: biljana  |  25/09/2010 00:03:51

Hi, i've been drinking Green Coffee 800 for 3 mths and is still drinking daily. There is no lost in my weight. Why? Would appreciate to receiveyour prompt reply. Thanks,
Written by: Wendy Yeo  |  22/09/2010 17:27:12

hi i just start drink this green coffe!! Can I take 2 cups a day ?I am a coffe lover!!! will be any complications?? is anyone know? thanks sandra
Written by: sandra G  |  22/09/2010 13:30:14

sampai hari ke 51 turun 9,5kg setelah itu hari ke 65 hanya turun 0,5kg.semakin lambat dan seperti biasa saja rasanya ,tdk seperti minum pertama kali.waktu pertama kali minum mulut kering dan malas makan tapi skrg tdk kering dan makan jd tdk malas.apa karena yg ada hologramnya ini yg palsu?bingung ni
Written by: yuli kusuma  |  19/09/2010 05:41:19

I lost 10kgs in 6 weeks ! Really cool stuff, this coffee !
Written by: jane  |  18/09/2010 18:13:27

i have used this product about a month ago and my weight reduce 10kg.my problem is difficult to get stock. is there any distributor in malaysia?
Written by: cunonz  |  24/08/2010 18:25:54

Hi my husband and I have bought 3 pkt of coffee. We have started last week. We are hoping to 5 kilos each. Do we have to be really over weight to lose this. Is this coffee for only people that are really obese andwant to loose alot of weight. We are not about 5-8 kilos each will make us happy .
Written by: fantasy  |  09/08/2010 10:32:04

hi,i listen my friend tell me leptin got ant new brand coffee mix dried plum
Written by: pei yin  |  05/08/2010 10:15:54

Hi Smart Sense, Im still waiting for my 5 boxes of coffee to arrive. which I ordered 10 days ago!
Written by: helen  |  03/08/2010 01:21:05

I bought four boxes of coffee 8 days ago and it arrived today, which is quite fast. I tried one 30 mins after lunch. I have no appetite at all in the whole afternoon. I was not looking forward to supper either.
Written by: Fat bunny  |  02/08/2010 21:56:10

looking forward to purchase the product, can someone advise where to purchase it in Bahrain
Written by: niz  |  30/07/2010 19:33:13

Dear Debbie, please contact us by mail. we are not answering for questions here
Written by: Smart Sense Int'l  |  28/07/2010 06:04:39

hey!! why are you not answering our questions at all??????!!! is this a fake website too???
Written by: debbie  |  27/07/2010 19:20:51

coffee I was used before was awesome I lost my weight about 40 Ibs for 2 month.This coffee does not work anymore, they change something here...
Written by: lana  |  27/07/2010 18:11:20

update..!!! I've lost after 6 weeks of drinking green coffee800...17 lbs...I'm soooo happy!!! way to go green coffee 800 ..
Written by: Venus  |  27/07/2010 07:07:55

Hi, I like to buy Green Coffee 800 and Im living in Sydney. Was wondering are there any distributors in Sydney? Or can anyone help? Thanks
Written by: helen pham  |  26/07/2010 19:48:22

This stuff DOES NOT WORK....it's crap and fake. This Co claims to be selling the correct product....BEWARE....they are not.
Written by: Raelene Lyons  |  25/07/2010 08:19:46

i had lost 4kg of taking abt 20 sachets..May i know if i take together with dried plum , i can lost weight faster than just take leptin green coffee only? Please advise asap...TQ
Written by: Joanne  |  23/07/2010 16:09:19

Forgot to write my email : samewais@hotmail.com need reply a.s.a.p.... Sam
Written by: Sam Ewais  |  22/07/2010 18:04:34

where can i find it in the gulf area, i am livin in kuwait and could not find it in the big stores like sultan center............please advise???? Sam
Written by: Sam Ewais  |  22/07/2010 18:03:08

i just whant to know if the product call slim 800 plus that its new on Honduras its the same??? e-mail at bestgirl_kp@hotmail.com
Written by: esther mejia  |  04/07/2010 22:28:37

3-4 kg! javi i ti sta se desava!poz
Written by: Danka  |  25/06/2010 19:14:57

kafe,vratila sam se u Vankuver ,i posto je paket u medjuvremenu stigao pocela sam da pijem ovde zelenu kafu,koja nemoze da se uporedi sa onom tamo ,ni po boji ,ni po ukusu i mirisu.Veruj mi jedva cekam jutro da je popijem!Veliki pozdrav pa srecno i javljam razultate! Mada ja imam za skinuti mozda 3-
Written by: Danka  |  25/06/2010 19:14:12

Vesna nisma nista dobila,ali predpostavljam posto je kutija sva pocepana i naknadno lepljena,pa sam predpostavila da su je otvarali! Ja sma kupila u Beogradu pre 10 dana kao ovu sa Amesrickog trzista treci dan sam prestala da je pijem jer je ukus skros uzasan a i srce mi je lupalo kao ludo posle te
Written by: Danka  |  25/06/2010 19:10:42

poruka ispod je za tebe Tasa! Neznam kako je izaslo da si ti pisala poruku! Pozzzz
Written by: Danka  |  25/06/2010 19:06:40

Narucila sam je online,znaci preko ovog sajta,znaci isla sam sve ili nista 4 kutije za $70! Pozzzzzzzz mozes ih stupiti na Skype {posaljes poruku} meni su bar odgovarali...... a i ja sam paket cekala oko 40 dana!
Written by: tasa  |  25/06/2010 18:56:10

Danka, kako si je narucila? Ne mogu se dobiti telefonom pa mi je sve to sumnjivo.
Written by: tasa  |  25/06/2010 04:36:41

jesi li ti Danka dobila neko pismo od customs.....ili kako znas da je onda sve u redu .... pozzzz
Written by: vesna  |  24/06/2010 23:09:22

meni su poslali pismo ovi sa carnine da ce da ju pregledju i uniste ili sta vec, ja zivim u Americi,oni mi nista posle toga nisu javili ja sam stupila u kontakt sa smartsense pa sad radim na refund oni kazu poslace ponovo a sta ako opet ne dobijem....meni je kafa mnogo pomogla
Written by: vesna  |  24/06/2010 23:07:47

Ja sam narucila pre skoro dva meseca i dobila sam je napokon! inace zivim u Kanadi.....vidim da je kutija sva pocupana sto znaci da se stvarno zadrzala na carini! Pozzzz Vesna i valentina i nek je srecno!
Written by: danka  |  23/06/2010 20:00:24

Once a day in 100ml hot warter, usually in the morning
Written by: Sor Nitram  |  14/06/2010 07:30:03

Ordered 5 boxes yesterday looking forward to receiving them
Written by: Jessica Jones  |  11/06/2010 23:29:46

ohhh I almost forget A LOT OF WATER THE WHOLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck....I'm happy with my green coffee 800 I really recommended it!!
Written by: Mirna Lara-Martinez  |  07/06/2010 02:48:42

This product is just AWESOME!!!! I tried akins,south beach,weight watchers... you name it!! I've been taking green coffee 800 for 5 days an lost already 6 lbs. What am I doing??? just taking one meal per day (lunch) and drinking my coffe around 4:00 pm and I'm ok for the rest of the day.....ohh I
Written by: Mirna Lara-Martinez  |  07/06/2010 02:45:54

I've been taking green cofee 800 for 1 week and have not yet lost any weight, am I doing something wrong? Please advise, thank you.
Written by: erty  |  06/06/2010 18:25:59

ovi tel. koje ovde daju i email adrese,ni na jedna nacin ne mozes da stupis u kontakt s njima,ja sam ju narucila krajem februara i platila 130.00 us nisam dobila kafu ni pare nazad.dobila sam pismo od carine da uzimaju kafu na provjeru sumljaju da nije ispravna.
Written by: vesna  |  28/05/2010 17:34:17

Hi,I'm from the Seychelles(IndianOcean). Can I order some of the Leptin Weight Loos Chocolate and Slimming Tea and make payment by a bank transfer?
Written by: Nicole Hellen Collie  |  21/05/2010 20:05:32

I'm buying 5 packs of the green coffee 800 ...Want to know if I have to rest ( or stop) in between of how many packs? or there's not any problem taking it forever!!! Thanks
Written by: Mirna Lara-martinez  |  19/05/2010 07:08:02

Just to let you know I am so much more confident that I can purchase this product from the new factory in Australia
Written by: Luisa Byrne  |  19/05/2010 02:23:13

I saw a new product name "Best Share Green Coffee" from google, do you sell this coffee?
Written by: wong  |  16/05/2010 17:58:18

i used it and lose some weight i need to lose some more and i'm from kuwait so i ned more but how to contact you and get some??
Written by: MRs: Raed  |  14/05/2010 11:08:25

I am from Canada and I would like to know if you can send products here.
Written by: Victoria  |  10/05/2010 22:04:21

i odered from this site, last sunday , 2ed of may, today is 10th of may , so hopefully i will receive it tomorrow , or at least this week , i tracked my oder and it's already in Australia , right now it's in the postoffice, so hope that i can pick it up soon:)
Written by: lili  |  10/05/2010 10:17:33

hi ive lost 10 kgs on your hot choc! its fantasic all my friends would like some now!
Written by: carrie  |  06/05/2010 06:37:12

Hi, I would like to buy the green coffee, can please reply ASAP.....
Written by: Su Ling  |  04/05/2010 00:21:55

i heard it is forbidden to sell in Netherlands, onl;y pharmacy can sell. I like the product, whee can I buy safe in Netherlands?
Written by: anja  |  03/05/2010 21:27:11

i bought green coffee 800 from a beauty salon and it cost me $50 one box, i would like to oder from here it seems much cheaper. AND YES YES .. this product works , it makes me less hungry, and it feels like my stomach is shrinking..:) I love it!!!
Written by: almii  |  02/05/2010 14:02:33

Why has this company changed from the America Leptin Pharmacauticals to the Australian one. I have bought from this company 3 times but i am wondering why it has changed?
Written by: mel  |  28/04/2010 12:35:14

These products are amazing. They really do work and buying them direct saves me so much money. Thank you Rojer and the team at Smartsense. If i were to buy them in Newzealand i would be paying triple the amount. People dont be put off youre buying from China these people are the original manufactors
Written by: Rachel  |  28/04/2010 02:56:32

hola quiero decirles que yo tengo 40 dias tomando green coffe y e perdido 24 libras es excelente yo si lo recomindo
Written by: Edgardo Javier Diaz  |  27/04/2010 23:13:26

Hi, I also like to know who imports the green coffee in Suriname so I know I will buy the right one
Written by: ingrid  |  27/04/2010 03:02:29

I am going to take my first pack. is it better before or after breakfast?
Written by: Violet Ng  |  25/04/2010 09:59:28

Any comments from people who are using this products to drop weight fast?? I need some help cuz I didn't lose much weight
Written by: Link N  |  24/04/2010 23:31:05

it would be nice if you describe the side effects of the fake product....... You say they are severe that's kind of scary and it leaves us in the limbo:(
Written by: kelly Betty  |  22/04/2010 06:44:08

I have lost so much weight it's amazing. I can only eat half the volume of food I used to eat, but I'm still eating the same food. The weight just keeps dropping off. So much energy as well.
Written by: Janene Errington  |  21/04/2010 11:38:08

I have nearly been on it 7days and lost 2.5lbs. not got loads to lose. taste's nice have before breakfast and just have fruit/yogarts/tinned fish during the day.some days have been bit more peckish..all in all does stop you from picking. And scoffin your face.Good product. add a bit of exercise to.
Written by: Kelly B  |  20/04/2010 23:31:30

i have been using it for 3 days now and yes i see result.but i would like it to come with a diet list.
Written by: vai  |  19/04/2010 19:16:04

Could you please tell me who imports this coffee in suriname. I really want to try it out! But am very careful with the fake ones.....
Written by: Lori  |  19/04/2010 16:25:48

I have been drinking the coffee for 18 days and have lost 5 kgs.. I am happy with the product. And would recommend it to people.
Written by: SHARON(australia)  |  19/04/2010 14:38:17

I have been taking green coffee for the last couple of months and lost a dress size. Apart from some side effects that I have dealt with, I now find that I am hungry. I gave it a break for 2 weeks, but since going back on it I am still hungry. any answers???
Written by: Merren Lehmann  |  13/04/2010 05:49:00

how do you mix your coffee
Written by: norma alecia coley  |  12/04/2010 19:04:39

I have purchased 5 boxes of green coffee and only cost me $20.00 converted to NZ DOLLARS. There are too many people trying to sell this green coffee at double the price to make money. Buy from here and save money. There is nothing wrong with this coffee and will safe $$$ in your wallet.
Written by: Henryetta  |  12/04/2010 04:26:30

do i drink the coffee before breakfast or after.
Written by: samantha  |  11/04/2010 12:26:16

i just wondering??? why your product sent from china??
Written by: andy kim  |  11/04/2010 05:13:43

My only concern is if there will be long term side effects.
Written by: Raina  |  06/04/2010 19:10:26

This person under me has to be kidding...does she not realize the link is from china? ahaha and china makes everything fake. well i been taking this coffee for 2 weeks and lost 8 pounds. sooo it works awsome for me!! and is deff real.
Written by: Mrs.Davidson  |  02/04/2010 18:07:10

Hi Ive lost 5 kgs on your coffee. All my friends want some.
Written by: Carrie  |  30/03/2010 06:12:48

Tastes great..like a light coffee and is working very well ..I have been taking it for 2 weeks and lost 6 pounds so far with no exercise .. it supreses your hunger .
Written by: Alex  |  30/03/2010 03:55:40

I ordered the green coffee 800 and in 3 days i lost 2 pounds .....you drink it in the morning like everyday coffee and then have a snack or a regular breakfast and at lunchtime you dont feel hungry so you just might nibble on a snack .
Written by: Brittany  |  30/03/2010 03:53:33

i have used in the past 2 week i field better and i lost 3kls now all my friend they to try some with me so i has to order more.
Written by: virabanja phit-anong  |  29/03/2010 14:01:51

I bought Green Coffee pure black here in Serbia and I am very pleased with the results so far. But there is one doubt about it - it says on the box that it is made in China. There is a trademark sticker which looks like original. Is it?
Written by: Lidija Funtik, Serbia  |  25/03/2010 21:19:05

Quiero saber si este producto tiene algun efecto secundario en el higado
Written by: lorena  |  25/03/2010 15:32:50

I have used it love it need
Written by: Kylie  |  24/03/2010 10:10:01

I been drinking this product for 5 days and lost 7 pounds already :) plus has great flavor!
Written by: Mrs.Davidson  |  22/03/2010 18:46:01

I have been using coffee 800 for a couple of months now and have lost 12kg so far and am very happy with your product. I told my friend in Ukraine and she asked me to send her some just on the strength of the my results.
Written by: Malcolm  |  22/03/2010 14:41:06

hello, i wanna know how does green coffee must drink and what should i not eat or drink!!!
Written by: Magdalena  |  10/03/2010 20:10:35

My daughter and i have been consuming green coffee 800 daily, The results have been consistent and i strongly recommend this product to everyone who is interested in loosing weight. My only concern is if there will be long term side effects?
Written by: Jan. Lai , AUS/VIC  |  08/03/2010 09:37:40

As the Australian Distibutor, many thanks to our wonderful customers having lost a collective thousands of kilos in weight between them, we have had an overwhelming response at the markets. Pls email me to tamli at live dot com if you are in Australia and feel safer from buying locally.
Written by: Keith  |  06/03/2010 16:11:58

My sister from Honduras call me, and tell me about your product. She is using your green coffe, and she lose 35 pounds.
Written by: Oscar G. Canada  |  05/03/2010 06:13:53

I have Lost 6 kgs in my First 2 weeks of using this Product, and my work pants now require a belt so they dont fall down. I work Night Shift, I eat a healthy Lunch then Drink Green Coffee, Im not hungry for the rest of the day and night, yet i seem to be more awake, and have more energy to work more
Written by: Osborne  |  25/02/2010 19:37:39

Was just wondering where all the negative posts went?? Like about the country this product is coming from and whats actually in it? hiding something??
Written by: want to know  |  25/02/2010 09:23:31

Have been on green coffee 800 for a couple of months, the difference it's made in my life is amazing. I have far more energy than I've ever had before and the best results are I've lost that few kilo that I've been trying to loose for years, I'm not taking it as a weight loss help, just an energiser
Written by: Chris Monks  |  21/02/2010 08:03:33

....and I lose my overweight very dificult. Thank you.
Written by: Vesna  |  21/02/2010 03:31:55

Hi there! I would like to ask you does the Green Cofee 800 have sweet taste because I prefer non-sweatent coffies, and also, which one gives better results, this one or Green coffee pure black. I am almost ready to order one of those, but I don't know which one. I am not physically active enough and
Written by: Vesna  |  21/02/2010 03:26:17

I have recommened this product to so many people. I have bought from this site twice and been very happy with the results. I have however been trying to find out why the product is slightly different this time and had no reply.
Written by: jem  |  17/02/2010 06:22:15

Written by: LOUISE WADE  |  17/02/2010 06:21:09

Written by: CARLA MARCELA JOYA LEMUS  |  17/02/2010 05:11:04

Hi i was wondering when i would get a reply about my last post.
Written by: jem  |  15/02/2010 08:21:31

Hi i ordered green coffee from you and it has the sticker saying by ss at the bottom is it fake?? Also it has 125 instead of 250 of chronium! thanks
Written by: jem  |  12/02/2010 05:19:01

Hi there, do you also have 10 packs in a factory sealed box?
Written by: Lisa  |  31/01/2010 23:05:30

I like your product and I alredy buy 36 pac. Everybody like it
Written by: Matic - Canada  |  31/01/2010 10:17:33

i think you are very serious and i'm glad with your service
Written by: osvaldo h.  |  26/01/2010 04:31:37

Dear Aisha - we have answered to you by email. --- Dear Huda ali - please contact with us by email we will send you all the information. tnx
Written by: Smart Sense Int'l  |  26/01/2010 04:30:20

where can i buy green coffee 800 in kuwait?
Written by: huda ali  |  25/01/2010 22:06:36

no body answer me:( why??!!
Written by: Aisha Alomani  |  25/01/2010 15:27:35

I am now in the 3rd box and i lost 7 kg and I hope loss more and more and I think will use it forever because it is really miraculous weight loss, but I want to ask if there is no objection to drinking it forever or do i need to rest periods between the period and the period and if there is the possibility to dilvery again to Kuwait
Written by: Aisha Alomani  |  23/01/2010 12:14:06

I am now in the 3rd box and i lost 7 kg and I hope loss more and more and I think will use it forever because it is really miraculous weight loss, but I want to ask if there is no objection to drinking it forever or do i need to rest periods between the period and the period and if there is the possibility to dilvery again to Kuwait
Written by: Aisha Alomani  |  23/01/2010 12:14:05

1st of all i just want to say how fantastic i have found your coffee! since i started using it in November last year i have lost 29 lb!! I have also past on this success story to all my friends, and have been letting them try it, now i have 5 more people hooked!! ( not literally )
Written by: heidi b.  |  20/01/2010 07:40:27

i used one pack of green coffee 800 and i lose 4 kg , but after i finished the pack because i don't have any more coffee i gain weight again.
Written by: Lulu - UAE  |  20/01/2010 07:10:18

I have used your product Green Coffee 800 and had some amazing success
Written by: Gail  |  20/01/2010 05:34:50

1. Eloisa rolle, please contact us by email we will be happy to give you all the information that you need. ---- 2. Thank you Alicia Valentine, we will fix it ASAP
Written by: Smart Sense Int'l  |  19/01/2010 18:47:34

do you have distributor in United Arab Emirates especially in Dubai?
Written by: eloisa rolle  |  19/01/2010 13:04:12

Website is great however there is quite a lot of spelling mistakes. e.g you have Permission spelt as "Permition" and Pharmaceuticals spelt as Pharmrmaceuticals... There are quite....It might be a good idea to change all the spelling mistakes as it makes you look really unprofessional
Written by: Alicia Valentine - Perth Australia  |  11/01/2010 06:49:10

Is it best to take green coffee before breakfast??????? i usually take it after.
Written by: A Smith  |  06/01/2010 04:39:46

Dear Stanislav, we have Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers using our product without any problem. Get up a lot of companies who spreading false ads for personal gain. As the media you should not believe every person an advertiser statements without solid evidence.
Written by: smart sense int'l  |  23/12/2009 08:37:18

We have been taking Green Coffee and were very happy with results but some users ware complining that it might have side efects and trigger heart disease. We would like to heare professional opinion
Written by: Stanislav Porej  |  22/12/2009 12:42:01

i have been taking this for approx 6 weeks with great results.
Written by: C.Richards - australia  |  18/12/2009 10:35:28

where we can find your product in Juarez Mex., or in El Paso Tx?? I have a friend in Honduras and she has lost weight using it, so we will like to try it
Written by: Sagrario Huert  |  02/12/2009 01:30:06

where can i buy green coffee 800 fr australia
Written by: Lorna Cayabyab  |  25/11/2009 03:28:13

i've been taking it for about 6 months now, it helps to maintain my weight
Written by: LYDIA  |  22/11/2009 11:51:46

Anita, we are sale the orginal green coffee 800. we have distributors in Australia that you can buy from them or buy from the site. We are exclusive distributors in several countries and we have official documents of the original product. for more information contact us.
Written by: orginal green coffee 800  |  10/11/2009 09:54:58

Can somebody tell me how to order original Australian Green Coffee
Written by: Anita Robinson  |  10/11/2009 04:18:17

I am currently using Green Coffee and have introduced several of my colleagues to the product. Now I need to order more
Written by: Leah Arnold  |  05/11/2009 05:58:24

The delivery is very fast! I’ve already got the coffee,and it seems alright
Written by: sachiko wakabayashi  |  04/11/2009 06:26:44

wow! nice new website by the way Already I received the delivery thank you very much about the service all the way you have wonderful service :)
Written by: Lillian  |  30/10/2009 14:06:56

I used green coffee.I really feel good and now i can wear some old clothes that i wanted to give away. many many thanks for bringing such a product on the market. Allright then that was it . Have a nice day
Written by: Koesje Lachman  |  29/10/2009 14:25:49

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